In Episode 3 of the Fertility Journeys Podcast, Dr. Shala is joined by Dr. Vivian Chen. Dr. Chen is a UK doctor with over  15 years of clinical experience.  She’s board-certified in the UK in both internal medicine and family practice.    Here in the US, she coaches clients back to health virtually, helping them to identify root causes of illness and implement lifestyle solutions to heal.  

Here are some of the highlights of the discussion between Dr. Shala & Dr. Vivian:

  • Dr. Vivian’s transition from chronic disease management in family practice medicine to focusing on root cause identification for people, to help them understand what is making them ill, versus just treating symptoms.
  • Reducing toxin load as environmental toxins play a role in impacting many chronic conditions.
  • Understanding gut health, and how we now know it’s central to overall health with 70-80% of our immune system in our gut.
  • Dr. Vivian shares her personal journey to heal her gut, and how inflammation, food and nutrition are so impactful for understanding and optimizing health.
  • Leaky gut, and what we now know about the gut lining.  The gut lining should be permeable enough to allow nutrients to come in, the good stuff,  but it shouldn’t be big enough to allow the bad stuff, the bacteria, the endotoxins.
  • Keto and paleo; misconceptions about these diet trends and how they can impact female health.
  • Your microbiome; how to properly feed it and exploring fermented foods!

This episode also features an easy-to-implement breathing technique, 4-7-8 breathing that can be so helpful for managing stress or taking a quick mental break.

I hope you will listen to this episode and share it with any family, friends, or colleagues who might find it interesting.  You can listen to the podcast HERE.