In Episode 2 of the Fertility Journeys Podcast, Dr. Shala is joined by Marilyn Gomez.  She teaches women how to self-advocate on their own fertility and healing journeys.

Here are some of the highlights of the discussion between Dr. Shala & Marilyn:

  • How crystals can be incorporated into your life for everyday healing, empowerment, or inspiration.
  • The need for healing along the fertility journey and how non-traditional tools, when used with therapy or conventional methods, can be an extension of our own power to self-heal.
  • A deep dive into Reiki and how Marilyn used it on her own IVF journey.
  • Marilyn shares her emotional journey through infertility, treatment, and how she had to become her own advocate with her doctors.
  • Using a therapist to help carry the “ebs and flows” of the journey
  • Postpartum realities after having a child
  • The healing powers in being of service to others through volunteering

This episode is will be relatable and likely comforting to anyone who has or is experiencing a fertility rollercoaster.  I hope you’ll listen and share it with anyone that it could help.  You can listen to the podcast HERE